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penny-matrix-reviewsSince your looking at the Penny Matrix Reviews, Im guessing you’ve either already joined, or you’re thinking about joining.

Either way, you’ll be glad you came across this Penny Matrix Review, as I’m going to cover what most other reviews just aren’t willing to tell you…

First off, there is no Penny Matrix Scam, it’s a legit program with a real product. So you have nothing to worry about there…

But I’m going to assume that you’re not looking at the Penny Matrix program for it’s products, as most are not, You simply want to make money right?

This is where the problem begins…

Even though this opportunity has a very low cost, you’re still going to have to persuade others to spend money on something they’re probably not already buying, and so are you. Otherwise you’re not qualified to earn any commissions.

The very low monthly cost can actually be a negative too, as it just takes a LOT more people to earn the income you may be wanting, and that means just as much work as it takes for a higher dollar program.

Even so, as people in your matrix do not get to a break even point, enough to cover their monthly expense, they will cancel. Leaving you to have to keep rebuilding every few months just to replace the ones that are dropping out.

This is why all programs, no matter what the monthly cost, have a 50-60% or more drop out rate every 6-12 months.

People come into the program to make money, not for the product, and when that doesn’t happen for them, they quit. It’s just the reality of the model.

I’m not saying you can’t make money with the Penny Matrix program, and I don’t claim to be an expert or Guru here, I’m just sharing from my 10+ years of experience in the network marketing world. I’ve actually made a living for over a decade in similar models, but what I’m sharing is true no matter what the cost to get and stay in is.

If you’ve looked at any of the other Penny Matrix Reviews, most of them are teaching strategies that are way to complicated and time consuming for “most” people.

In fact, it’s kind of funny, the “Guru’s” out there all have pretty much the same story. They had 3-5 years of PAIN & STRUGGLE before they found success, and the reason in my opinion is that learning, applying and actually getting results from most online strategies just isn’t as easy as most want it to be.

My personal story is quite the opposite. I got started in my first program in late 2002, and by March 2003 I was earning a full time income and working from home 100%. There were three very specific reasons in my opinion that I was able to do this so quickly.

Number one, I was fortunate to have partnered with an upline team who NEVER told me to write down that warm market friends & family contact list. This is the first reason so many people fail, is they just don’t have enough contacts to expose their business to, especially good targeted contacts.

Number two, I was part of a team who had a plug and play lead source where I could just go tap into an endless flow of new leads from DAY ONE. This was critical as I could get into what I call an “income producing activity” from the very beginning.

I didn’t have to learn any complicated blogging, SEO, Facebook ads, or video marketing stuff to generate my first lead, which can take several months of hard work to accomplish. Instead, the DAY I enrolled I could have leads to work, with the push of a button. So this solved the first reason why so many fail, and it was “easy” as pushing a button to get leads coming in.

Number three, and probably the most overlooked of any factor when it comes to success in MLM is the “recruiting system”. My upline team knew and understood the importance of a system that did 80% of the follow up, prospecting, and closing for you. That’s the second reason people fail, even if you have leads or are generating your own leads, most people don’t have the skills and ability to close the deal and get people into the business.

Having a system that the leads are directly injected into, AND actually goes to work on your behalf to assist you in the recruiting process is SO critical I can’t even put it into words.

I’m talking about a system so effective that you can go to sleep one night, and wake up the next morning and have a new PAID member in your downline who came through your system and pulled out their credit card and joined, WITHOUT you having to be involved.

These are the reasons why I believe I was able to be so successful so quickly. It was something that was “simple” to do, and I was able to get into ACTION from day one.

If either of these to things are missing, you will most likely struggle for months or years, maybe even quit altogether because when it comes to working from home, most people don’t have the training and skills to do what the “Guru’s” do out of the gate.

Sure you can do what I did and evolve over time to just keep getting better, but let’s keep it REALLY simple at first and make some money right?

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